Support & maintenance

24-hour reliability

Experience shows that technical devices require servicing. Products and servicing therefore form one unit at PANSOMA. PANSOMA helps you to solve problems with expert consulting services, supports you in the integration of products into existing systems and keeps you regularly informed about software updates and product innovations. PANSOMA customers appreciate the added value of our products.


In addition to the standard support service, PANSOMA also has a 24/7 hotline offering remote support. Highly qualified level 1 and 2 support staff are available. Regular training and certified quality management provide for high-quality service with quick response times. Troubleshooting can be performed over the phone, via email, via remote support or on site if required.

As part of our support service, we are on hand to help as your contact partner for all hardware and software issues. With numerous contacts in third-party companies, PANSOMA can find a solution to your problem quickly, for example the replacement of faulty hardware, software procurement, etc.


All PANSOMA products have a monitoring interface for keeping an eye on the system function. This interface provides vital parameters for the system and key performance indicators. Integration into an existing monitoring system is easily achievable. The key performance indicators allow for utilization and requirements planning, and together with proactive monitoring, deliver high availability.

Regular on-site servicing, hardware and software inspections, and incompatibility checks help prevent faults and thus maintain performance levels.

On-site maintenance involves application support, network management and the development, replacement and repair of hardware and software installations.