PAN X-Change

PAN X-Change

PAN X-Change enables the automatic emailing of reports from the RIS.

The system runs at the same time as the RIS installation and automatically sends approved reports via the existing mail server to the email addresses of the attending physician. The setting Email distribution yes/no is taken into account here.
The following additional rules can be used:

  • Distribution of an automatic copy to a multidrop mailbox
  • Layout changes for certain recipients or
  • Suppression of document creation


  • An interface to the RIS database allows basic data to be transferred to the report layout.
  • The data required to create the report, such as medical findings, layouts, information on the attending physician, etc. is retrieved from the RIS.
  • The reports are converted to a PDF file. Alternatively, rtf format can also be used.
  • Messages are sent via the customer’s existing mail server. The reports are sent to the email address of the attending physician, and if desired a copy is sent to additional addresses.
  • The PDF can be electronically signed by the author using the tamper-proof PKCS12 certificate.
  • Existing signatures of diagnosing physicians, for example, saved in JPG format can be incorporated directly into the PDF document.
  • Additional logos can be copied into the PDF and layouts can be copied directly from the RIS.
  • The layout can be modified.