PAN Y-Gateway

PAN ProWorX Y-Gateway

The PAN ProWorX Y-Gateway is a versatile DICOM router that can be expanded with specific modules.

PAN ProWorX Y-Gateway Workflow
PAN ProWorX Y-Gateway Workflow

The PAN ProWorX Y-Gatewaycan send DICOM data from different sources to various destinations, such as the PACS and LTS.

Different online destinations (e.g. PACS) can be defined using rules, whereby an online destination can be selected for each submission. Any number of offline destinations (including long-term archive) can be defined.

  • Online channel: The acceptance and analysis of the study takes place here. The images are sent one by one and immediate transmission of the status code back to the modality is triggered.
  • Offline channel: Once the entire study has been received, it is forwarded to the LTS. If a destination cannot be reached, rules can be used to define how often and for how long the system should retry sending the study to the destination.


  • Routing: DICOM data can be distributed to different destinations based on sender/modality or IP. Rules can also be defined based on attributes from DICOM contents (e.g. patient name). The PAN ProWorX Y-Gateway can adopt or retain the name or title of a sender (Application Entity).
  • DICOM Tag Transformer: DICOM tags can be manipulated or added based on rules.