PAN OM - An ontology mapper for automatic assignment


PAN OM is an ontology mapper for the automatic assignment of various catalogues and playbooks in DICOM and HL7 communications. PAN OM functions as a translator between individual specialist departments and hospitals, ensuring safe and smooth data exchange.

Worklfow PAN OM Ontology Mapper
Worklfow PAN OM Ontology Mapper

Studies (exams) are named differently across individual departments and hospitals. The catalogues differ in terms of naming and the number of individual exams under a term. PAN OM can perform one-to-one and one-to-many assignment with both simple playbooks and catalogues, as well as with tree structures and term allocation.

To assign new mappings from playbooks, the combination of studies often needs to be changed. Either one study is split into two or more studies with different names (study split, Splitter), or a new study is created from several studies (study group, Grouper).

Both processes can be used for every DICOM study that contains the relevant entries for the procedures performed. An automatic study split is also used successfully on casualty wards, where there may be a request for a multiple trauma exam, for example. This means that studies can be correctly assigned and compared during aftercare or in meetings without the need for any post-processing.

DICOM tags must be adjusted dynamically in the Splitter and Grouper, and this is also done automatically. PAN OM also allows data to be imported that is not originally assigned to a playbook/catalogue by subjecting this data to mapping.