PAN Import

PAN Import

PAN Import allows external documents to be automatically imported.

PAN Import Workflow
PAN Import Workflow

PAN Import can be used to quickly transfer DICOM studies created externally to the PACS. The software can be integrated into existing HIS/RIS/PACS systems and set up on any client workstation. CDs/DVDs can be read using a standard CD/DVD disc drive.

With the help of a desktop tool, DICOM studies can be read and imported from CDs or external data storage devices that are IHE-PDI compatible. The import destination can be configured as desired and requires a DICOM SCP.

In addition to the desktop tool, a PAN Import server with the following features is also provided:

  • The DICOM studies are read from the data storage device at any workstation using a desktop client, which forwards the data to the server.
  • However, it is also possible to receive and process DICOM studies from external institutes directly on the server.
  • Depending on the configuration, patient data is automatically compared with patient data available in the RIS/HIS, either on the client or server.
  • Import measures are automatically assigned. In the simplest case, the same measure is always used, e.g. CD import.
  • An optional exam comparison is performed according to defined rules. The mapping of the measure (depending on the modality), the anatomic region or body part examined can also be integrated.
  • The compared data is then automatically sent to the PACS.
  • If no existing RIS patient is found during the patient comparison, a new patient is created using the HL7 Order. The patient is given a unique patient ID generated on the PAN Import server with a configurable prefix (default = IMP).