Thanks to the intelligent linking of data, cooperation tool PAN CoToo facilitates simplified cooperation and communication across hospitals.

PAN CoToo Workflow
PAN CoToo Workflow

PAN CoToo serves as a portal for cooperation and information exchange across hospitals. It thus moves teleradiology into new dimensions. Another special feature is the option to connect with groups of experts (councils).

Orders and reports sent by the attending physician are forwarded to the selected diagnosing physician byPAN CoToo. Once the diagnosing physician has accepted the order, the accompanying images are automatically transmitted to the relevant PACS. Once the findings are complete, the finished reports are returned to the attending physician by PAN CoToo.


  • The tool is a web interface used via any up-to-date HTML5 browser. PAN CoToo can be accessed irrespective of the workstation and requires no further installation by the user.
  • PAN CoToo can be flexibly integrated into the existing user management system (e.g. LDAP, SAML), but also features its own user administration system if required.
  • The user-friendly PAN CoToo tool is subdivided into a worklist, inbox and outbox, which each display all entries belonging to the organisation.
  • It is possible to create, store or delete organisation-wide filters as required.
  • The system automatically selects relevant priors according to definable rules. If required, additional priors can be selected to be added to the report or for eliminating unwanted priors.
  • The priority of sent exams can be changed later on.