PAN–SOMA literally means “beyond the body” and relates to imaging methods in radiology.

The company was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing practicing radiologists with consultation services regarding IT processes, IT infrastructure and digitalisation. Planning, installation and maintenance services for IT infrastructures were then offered.

Over time, it became apparent that there was a gap on the market for important communication software in the healthcare industry. This marked the birth of the first piece of middle layer software for the distribution of medical findings, dose management and DICOM communication from PANSOMA.

Since 2009, PANSOMA has been a solid technology partner in the PACSW4 project. The aim of this project was the networking of four hospitals in the Waldviertel region, so that each site can access x-rays from the other sites. Subsequently, another location and the extra-mural area were successfully connected.

As a result, PANSOMA was able to develop a strong presence in the DACH market and win leading hospitals and clinics in Germany and Switzerland as customers. 

PANSOMA also serves customers in non-German-speaking countries in Sweden, the USA, the UK and France.